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Self Pay Pricing

No Surprises.


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Self-Pay Patients

  • Transparent fees, you approve additional treatment and cost.
  • Payment is required at time of service, a discount has been applied.
  • We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards.
Self-Pay Prices

Provider Visits

Office Visit 120
DOT Physical 90
Sports Physical (k-8)) 25
Sports Physical (9-12) 35
Jail Physical 75
College/Adult Physical 75
Travel Consultation 65

Common Add-On Procedures

Abscess Drainage (simple) 65
Abscess Drainage (complex) 160
Burn Dressing (simple) 50
Burn Dressing (complex) 85
EKG 65
IV Hydration (1st hour) 99
Laceration Repair (Sutures) starting at 99
Laceration Repair (Dermabond) 55
Respiratory treatment 45

Digital X-Ray

Ankle 55
Chest 55
Knee 55
Lumbar 99
Shoulder 55
Wrist 55

Medical Supplies

Ace wraps 10
Air Cast Ankle Splint 45
Crutches 35
Finger Splint 15
Knee Brace 55
Post Op shoe 20
Sling 10
Walking Boot 65
Wrist Splint 35
Walking Boot 65


Flu Vaccine 29
Hep B Vaccine (per shot) 119
MMR 110
TB/PPD Test 35
TD (Tetanus, diphtheria booster) 95
Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis booster) 105

CLIA Lab Tests

Urinalysis 22
Finger Glucose 22
Flu Test 40
Mono Test 42
Pregnancy 22
Strep 22
Drug Screen (non-DOT I-Cup) 39

Price & Payment FAQ

How much is a typical visit?

For self pay patients our prices are simple & transparent. If you have insurance, we collect your deductible and/or your co-pay at the time of service, and then bill your insurer for you. After your insurer sends an EOB (explanation of benefits) to us, Phoenix Urgent Care will bill you for any balance due after benefits.

If the doctor sees the need for any additional treatment (e.g. an x-ray or lab test), she or he will discuss the situation and cost with you before any charge is incurred. For more detail, please refer to our self-pay prices page.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, our medical clinic accepts major credit cards, cash or checks. We don’t collect any fee to secure an appointment, or before we know what treatment you might need. Your provider will discuss treatment recommendations and costs with you, upfront. Payment for the office visit will be collected at the time of service and any additional fees will be discussed with your provider and collected at the end of your visit.

Can I get a discount?

For self-pay patients, a discount has been applied because full payment is made at the time of service. For insured patients, coverage depends on your plan and deductible.

Do I have to pay up front to make an appointment?

There is no fee or credit card number required to secure an appointment time. Fees are based on the actual services you receive.

If I have insurance, will I get a bill after my visit?

Our fees are fixed, but the amount that your insurance company covers depends on your specific plan, coverage and deductible. After your insurer produces an EOB (explanation of benefits), if there is a balance due, we will bill you for the remaining balance.