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3 Common Medical Tests You Can Get at Urgent Care Centers

February 24, 2016
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It should come as no surprise that walk in clinics have taken over a large part of the healthcare industry. They’re convenient, affordable, and all-around incredibly efficient, diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses and ailments. For less than the cost of a hospital’s treatment, urgent care centers can help just about any malady, from the 1 billion common colds that plague the nation each year to the some 6.8 million bones that break each year.

It’s no wonder why there are over 6,800 urgent care clinics in the U.S. today.

If you need medical attention, you should go to an urgent care clinic, because these facilities can really treat just about anything. Here are just three examples of some medical tests urgent care facilities can provide.

  1. X-Rays: Whether it’s a severely jammed finger from playing basketball that you’re not sure is broken, a leg injury from taking a crash down a flight of stairs, or anything in between, you’d be wise to get an x-ray. Luckily, urgent care clinics offer traditional X-ray services.
  2. Blood and Illness Tests: Getting your blood drawn and tested can help doctors diagnose a number of different problems, so they can figure out why they’re patients aren’t feeling well. Best of all, these tests don’t take long. Urgent care centers can get results almost immediately. Typical throat cultures for strep can be done in five minutes. Mono, the flu, and even pregnancy tests are all medical tests that most centers can provide results for in a matter of minutes.
  3. STD Screening: Sexually transmitted diseases should be taken seriously. Don’t let possible embarrassment stop you from getting these crucial medical tests done. Urgent care clinics offer flexible availability so you can come in at a time that’s good for you and have yourself checked for HIV and other STD testing.

If saving things like time and money are of a concern to you, it’s a good idea to think about urgent care facilities for your medical testing needs. These are just a few of the common options. Check your local center for complete coverage.