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3 Reasons for Urgent Care Center Treatment Even Primary Care Enthusiasts Can’t Argue

February 19, 2016

Sickness and accidental injuries don’t wait for anyone’s schedule. Somewhere between five and 20% of Americans come down with the flu each year and the average child alone catches between six and 10 colds. In order to treat illness, infections, and accidents, a vast majority of people have turned to urgent care centers.

Urgent care clinics are now more prevalent than ever with approximately 6,800 centers in the U.S. alone, and yet, there are still people who believe in the sanctity of the patient-primary care physician relationship. While this is certainly a valuable and vital part of a person’s overall health and well-being, disregarding urgent care facilities is simply a mistake.

Here are just a few reasons you urgent care centers can’t be ignored.

  1. Travel and Vacations: If you can make it an entire lifetime without ever getting sick when you travel, you might be the first. Chances are it’s going to happen at some point and when it does urgent care centers will be there to treat you. In this situation, you will be forced to receive care from someone other than your personal doctor.
  2. After Hour Coverage: Most offices have traditional business hours, opening around nine and closing around five. Unfortunately, sicknesses doesn’t care about office hours. If you’re in need of medical attention and your doctor is not in, you’re going to have to find treatment elsewhere. Hospitals can be incredibly expensive; an average visit will run you $1,500, while an urgent care trip will cost only about $150.
  3. New Home/Insurance Coverage: Whether you’ve just moved to an entirely new city, or just got a new job and need to switch insurance coverage you’ll probably need to find a new primary care physician. In the meantime, there’s always that threat of illness. Check out a local clinic if you need something to get you by.

Perhaps some of the stigma these people, who are usually of the older demographics, have towards walk in clinics stems from the early days when there were some fly-by-night establishments. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Today, the majority (65%) of centers have at least one physician on-site at all times. It’s not weird. Just convenient, affordable, and efficient.