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5 Forms of Care You Can Find at Urgent Care Centers

April 4, 2016

When a lot of people here “urgent care centers,” they immediately think about emergency injuries and potentially serious conditions. While this can be true at times, there are actually a variety of different areas that urgent care facilities can assist people with other than actual urgent care per se.

Urgent care has been an institution in the U.S. since the 1970s, but it didn’t really start to get popular until the last decade or so. Today, it is one of the most popular and fastest growing forms of healthcare with over 6,800 locations in the U.S. alone. If you’re still unfamiliar with the various services these walk in facilities offer, here are five of the most common ailments and conditions you can find help for at urgent care centers.

  1. Acute Illness: The common cold, influenza, strep throat, stomach bug. These are all things that would be considered acute illnesses and are the perfect candidates for these kinds of locations. Scheduling an appointment with your doctor for these kinds of things can be frustrating as by the time you’re appointment comes around you might already be over the sickness. With the majority of locations (65%) having registered doctors on site at all times, you can even get prescriptions for things like antibiotics and be on your way to getting healthy the same day the illness first crops up.
  2. Medical Testing: Whether it’s STD testing, blood work, or most other standard testing procedures, most of these medical facilities offer the tools and skill available to go for testing when time and money is a factor.
  3. Broken/Fractured Bones: Although hospitals are a better choice for some serious broken bones, such as compound fractures, there are approximately 6.8 million bones broken per year in the U.S. and many of them are mild enough to be handled at urgent care centers.
  4. Flu Shots: Flu shots are increasingly becoming a staple for every citizen to get routinely every year, and now you can get them even easier just by dropping into your nearest clinic on the way home from school or work.
  5. Dehydration and IV’s: Maybe you just finished a 10-mile run or are battling a stomach virus that’s making it impossible to keep fluids down. Either way, most urgent care centers offer IV fluids that can be used to treat dehydration and similar conditions.

There are other ways in which urgent care centers can be of value, but these are some of the most popular and important forms of care you can receive at these kinds of locations.