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A 5-Step Guide to a Guilt-Free Holiday Season

December 9, 2016
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For better or worse, the holiday season is upon us, which means many comforting meals that may not be as well balanced as intended. We’re all guilty of overindulging during the holidays, but many walk away from the dinner table feeling guilty.

While certain foods are believed to prevent or manage chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes, there are many others that can send future you to the doctor’s office for a disturbing diagnosis.

While you enjoy holiday meals with your family this year, try to keep the following diet and portion control ideas in mind to avoid holiday food guilt and diet pitfalls:

  1. Eat mindfully
    Evaluate the nutritional value of what you put on your plate. It’s hard to know how much food you’ll leave with when walking down a buffet line, so try to put smaller helpings on your plate or only serve yourself the foods that you really want.
  2. Make the calories count
    If you’re watching your figure but want to indulge a little, try not to fill up on empty calories. Veggies are just as filling as many of your less-healthy favorites, so fill your plate with healthy options before going for the mashed potatoes or stuffing.
  3. Take it easy on the alcohol
    Wine and other alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugars that promote weight gain and may leave you with a bad hangover in the morning. Pace yourself by restricting yourself to just a couple drinks. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water in between.
  4. Stay active
    While the holidays are a busy time of the year, use that to your advantage. Keep track of your steps with a pedometer when you’re going Christmas shopping or running errands.
  5. Try to take the focus off of food at family functions
    Plan other activities that bring the whole family together like a flag football game or a movie night. Try to enjoy each other’s company this year — dinner is just a bonus.

During this time of year, many people tend to neglect their health. If you’re not feeling well, whether it be holiday-induced or a result of a winter bug going around, it’s important to care for you body. There are a number of walk in clinics that can help care for you during the holidays. Urgent care centers like Phoenix Urgent Care and Urgent Care Scotsdale are able to care for you on your schedule this holiday season.

About 65% of walk in clinics have physicians on site at all times, so you’ll be sure to receive the care you need.