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5 Tips For Taking Your Antibiotics Effectively and Safely

April 14, 2017
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If you visited a walk-in clinic and were diagnosed with an infection, you may have been prescribed antibiotics. While antibiotics are usually effective in treating many different ailments, they can become useless when not taken correctly. Follow these tips to make sure that you are taking full advantage of your treatment.

  1. Complete The Treatment: In many cases, you will feel much better after taking your first few pills. Regardless, it is important to take all of the pills in the bottle as directed by a physician.
  2. Read The Label: The label of your antibiotic pill bottle will likely have specific instructions to follow. These could range from avoiding alcohol to always taking the pills with food. Be sure to be diligent about following these directions, as ignoring them could make you feel very sick or be dangerous to your health.
  3. Take Probiotics: While antibiotics kill the bacteria that is making you sick, they can also throw off the balance of your gut flora. Reset your digestive system by eating yogurt or taking probiotics in pill form. Ask the doctor who prescribes the treatment about how to care for your gut.
  4. Listen To Your Doctor: Just as it is important to follow the instructions on the pill bottle, it is also essential to follow all of your doctor’s instructions. They are familiar with the specific medication they are giving you, so they will know the risks involved. Ask thorough questions if the instructions are not clear.
  5. Only Take Them When Necessary: Only take antibiotics when they are prescribed to you. Otherwise, the pills could potentially cause significant damage to your body. When you suspect that you may have a bacterial infection, visit an urgent care center to get tested. Also remember that even though one billion Americans catch colds every year, they should not be treated with antibiotics. Viruses are treated naturally by the body.

When you are prescribed antibiotics at a walk-in clinic, make sure that the physician has asked you thorough questions about your medical history and current symptoms. You and the doctor should take steps together to make sure that you are being properly diagnosed. If you take the full course of antibiotics and still do not feel better, visit a medical center for further assessment.