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Arizona Democrats Rally to Defend Obamacare

January 19, 2017

urgentWith the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump in sight, Republicans in Washington are making a more concerted effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But many people, including Arizona Democrats, are fighting back and arguing to keep the healthcare law in place, as its helped more than 20 million Americans who’d previously not been covered.

These ‘Obamacare’ allies held a rally at the state Capitol on Jan. 4, to defend the healthcare law that was passed in 2010.

This action comes as a response to a procedural vote by Senate Republicans, which opened debate on a proposed budget bill, which could effectively strip away a substantial amount of the ACA.

The high premiums under the ACA is a high cause for concern among many Americans. In Arizona, premiums have risen by 116% as of Jan. 1 for those who are covered under the marketplace. Trump referenced this number in a tweet on Jan. 4, but failed to mention that the some of these costs are softened by government subsidiaries, though not all who are eligible are taking advantage of them.

Democratic lawmakers at the Arizona Capitol are urging against the fast-paced repeal of the ACA, saying that stripping away the law would do more harm than good.

“Congress is rushing through a bill that will take away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans and increase costs for millions,” said Katie Hobbs, the Arizona Senate Democratic leader. “They are rushing ahead to rip apart our health-care system with no plan whatsoever to replace it … ”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has delivered data showing that 182,811 Arizonans have signed up for marketplace healthcare plans as of Dec. 31, and even more are expected to enroll through the end of this month. These enrollment figures are the largest pieces of evidence supporting the need for Obamacare, as many Arizonans would not be covered otherwise.

As of right now, Pima County is the only Arizona county with more than one marketplace insurer. Considering the slim choices, Arizona Democrats say that the enrollment figures are speaking for themselves.

Health providers like hospitals, doctors’ offices, and urgent care centers are vetting the ACA, saying that higher rates of insurance coverage have been able to bring some financial relief. The Maricopa Integrated Health System says that it could lose as much as $50 million as people lose coverage during the repeal.

During uncertain times, one thing remains: urgent care facilities are able to curb the higher costs of emergency healthcare. Approximately one in five visits to hospital emergency department could be treated at an urgent care clinic. While trips to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket without coverage, the same treatment at an urgent care facility will cost less than $150, on average.

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