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Back-to-School Season Reminds Parents to Schedule Physicals

August 26, 2016
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It’s about time for children to go back to school, if they haven’t already. But first, many kids will need to have their annual physicals and boosters. For those who are unable to schedule last minute appointments with their primary care physicians, urgent care clinics are available to conduct these routine procedures.

Vaccinations are especially important for both your children as well as their peers. Hepatitis B, MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), IPV (polio), and Varicella (chickenpox) vaccines are required for all children entering kindergarten, unless noted by a letter of religious refusal. Additional vaccines are recommended, but not required, including an annual Influenza vaccine. Between 5 and 20% of Americans get the flu every year. And since kids come in close contact with their peers at school (and often forget to wash those little hands), it’s highly suggested that children receive a flu shot yearly.

While only 29% of primary doctors offer after-hours treatment, walk in urgent care clinics make finding time for doctor appointments and any necessary medical testing easier than ever. Urgent care facilities are fast, too, seeing most patients within 15 minutes of arrival. To avoid a longer wait, registration materials are available to fill out before arrival.

A mix of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are employed at about two thirds of urgent care facilities, while nearly the same amount of centers have at least one physician on-site during all hours of operation.

At urgent care, you don’t have to worry about inflated bills or unnecessary charges. Urgent care is not the same as treatment from an emergency department, although many have some of the same equipment as emergency centers and are able to treat more severe conditions. Despite these similarities, average urgent care visit costs under $150, but can be more or less depending on your insurance provider.

With about 6,800 walk in urgent care locations nationwide, there is no shortage of resources available for your child’s back to school needs. Urgent care centers across the country see an estimated 3 million patients every week and treat patients just as a primary care physician would. While it’s still a good idea to have a dedicated pediatrician, more and more parents are saving time and money by taking back to school appointments elsewhere.

For after-hours school physicals in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, visit Phoenix Urgent Care, where you can walk in OR schedule an appointment online.