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Keep Your Child Calm During An Urgent Care Visit With These 5 Tips

June 19, 2017
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Any visit to a medical doctor can be frightening for children, but situations that warrant an urgent care visit can be even scarier. If your child has a medical emergency, there are several techniques you can use to keep them calm while they are treated. Once you find your local pediatric locations, follow these tips to make your urgent care visit as tranquil as possible.

  1. Be Honest: Let your child know what is happening and what to expect. Surprises are scary, so be sure to talk your child through everything. Tell them when they might feel a pinch rather than saying, “This won’t hurt a bit!” Also encourage the doctor to do the same if they are not being honest themselves.
  2. Use Affirmative Language: Your child will feel comforted if you stay positive. Tell them that everything is going to be okay and that you are there to help them through this. Even if they feel scared during medical tests, tell them that they are being brave. Your words make a difference.
  3. Read Books: Most urgent care centers have books in the waiting room,
    so take advantage of these. Reading will sooth your child and get their mind on other things. If they have special books at home, consider bringing those along.
  4. Stay Calm Yourself: Your energy will affect your child’s anxiety levels, so be sure that you are staying calm as well. While nothing is more frightening than when your child has a medical problem, it is important for you to be strong for your child.
  5. Bring A Comfort Item: While you will likely be in a hurry to leave the house, try to grab pack a blanket, special stuffed animal, or other comforting toy for your child. This is especially important for toddlers and young children. They can hold these items while the doctor is performing tests.

There are about 6,800 urgent care centers in the United States, many of which as pediatric locations. If your child is having a medical issue and their primary care physician is not available, these clinics are a great option. By reacting quickly and keeping your child calm, they will feel better as soon as possible.