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Seasonal flu or influenza is a contagious viral infection that affects approximately 5-20% of the U.S. population each year.

Symptoms are typically more severe than a cold and can even cause death.

The best protection against the flu is the flu vaccine.


Some groups of people are more at risk to experience complications from the flu, including seniors age 65 and older, children (especially younger than 2), and people with chronic health conditions.


While some symptoms at the beginning of the flu are similar to a cold, it quickly becomes obvious that you have the flu. Unlike a cold, flu symptoms come on suddenly, and keep getting worse, often going from feeling completely normal to being sick with the flu in just a few hours.

Both a cold and the flu can have nasal congestion, a sore throat, and coughing. But what sets the flu apart is a sudden, often high, fever, and severe aches and pains, from headaches to neck pain to muscle and joint pain. While it’s possible to go to work and other activities with a cold, the flu is debilitating and usually lasts for a few days, up to a week.


The best treatment for the flu is prevention: getting a flu shot every year reduces your likelihood of catching the flu by more than half. But going to an urgent care for flu symptoms in Phoenix can be a good idea too. For particularly severe flu cases, Tamiflu (oseltamivir), an antiviral medication, can reduce the length and intensity of the flu, but most flu treatment involves staying hydrated and reducing the symptoms.

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