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A Digital X-ray is a quick painless imaging process resulting in structural images, specifically images of your bones. As the x-ray beams pass through your body they are absorbed by different amounts depending on the density of the materials they pass through. Materials such as bone or metal appear white. Fat, muscle and tissue appear in various shades of gray, while the air in your lungs will appear black.

While the most common usage of X-ray imaging is to identify fractures and broken bones, Phoenix Urgent Care’s digital x-rays actually have many other purposes as well. Since an X-ray can see through soft tissue but not bones or teeth, dental X-rays are an effective way to spot cavities that aren’t yet visible from the tooth surface, and keep an eye on wisdom teeth to remove them before they become a problem.

But X-rays aren’t limited to just bones. Anything solid in the body can be located, like swallowed foreign objects, or injuries with glass or metal embedded in the skin. With a chest X-ray doctors can also check out your heart and lungs and look for enlarged or obstructed areas. And, using radiopaque tracer fluid, it’s also possible to see inside the digestive and circulatory systems. X-rays are even useful to help detect arthritis, osteoporosis and certain forms of cancer early enough to be treated effectively.

Be sure to tell your health care provider if you are pregnant or have any chance of being pregnant prior to receiving an x-ray.

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